Adobe Business Catalyst Development

Web Development

The TGG web development team is made up of designers, CSS experts, and programmers who have extensive knowledge in and experience working on Adobe Business Catalyst, Joomla technologies, Magento Commerce, and other content management systems. The TGG developers also do custom development work for clients whose websites have special and unique requirements that cannot be accommodated by Adobe Business Catalyst, Joomla CMS, and Magento Commerce, which are the usual CMS platforms we are utilizing.

TGG’s web development work specifically covers web application development like PHP, ASP, JSP, Ruby on Rails, Javascript, and AJAX; database development in MySQL and MSSQL.

The TGG developers can also help you fix glitches in your CSS-based designs and eliminate problems like cross-browser issues, alignment issues, and various CSS bugs. We can help you transform your designs into accessible, standards-compliant, cross-browser-compatible web pages.

The Adobe Business Catalyst system is perfect for small to medium online businesses.

TGG and Adobe Business Catalyst have teamed up such that TGG’s web design and development team can assist in the creation and enhancement of any Business Catalyst-based websites. Our Business Catalyst designers can provide intelligently designed creative concepts and layouts that are easily converted into Business Catalyst-ready, XHTML sites. They can also create graphics that are easily integrated in your business e-mail templates. TGG’s Business Catalyst developers can help Adobe Business Catalyst users in plugging pages into the system or in content migration. There isn’t any task that our innovative and enthusiastic Web development team is not willing to take on.

Business Catalyst Features

As a CMS, Business Catalyst allows users to build and manage their own Web sites, write a blog and build a forum, run an online shop and accept payments, create e-mail marketing campaigns, build a customer base, and even monitor Web site traffic and other statistics—all these tasks managed in one central control panel.

Adobe Business Catalyst allows its users to apply any front-end technology—from Java applets to Flash games, Javascript or CSS. BC’s modules and code output are 100% XHTML compliant. With Adobe Business Catalyst, there is no need for external tools to facilitate the users’ online businesses. Business Catalyst already provides the computing power, disk space, and the back-end databases. The company also has e-mail support, forums, and online training webinars for its users.

Business Catalyst Sites

We maximize the utilization of Business Catalyst's integrated tools. Whether you require straight forward implement of modules or some tweaks requiring custom scripting, you can trust our developers to do it right.

We can also integrate Business Catalyst with third party systems, or do payment gateway integration.

Contact us now and let us be your implementation partner.