Go Live

Assign the domain name to your website and go live!

You need to assign a domain to your website

Your domain name (what we call your URL = Uniform Resource Locator) is the address that people will use to find your website on the Internet. Your website address is usually in the form of either www.yourcompanyname.com or www.companyname.com

Please make sure you register/purchase the domain of your choice from any known domain registrars.

When we load your website 'live' on the Internet we will make use of this domain name as the address of the website

Note: When you are ready to go live please make sure you either:

(1) Reconfigure your domain so it points to Business Catalyst. This option leaves your domain where it is, and you simply reconfigure it so it points to Business Catalyst web servers. Your email is unaffected and you can continue to use your email provided.

(2) Or, you can delegate your domain onto Business Catalyst servers where they automatically configure it to point to their own hosting account. You can also elect to use Business Catalyst as your email provider or alternatively you may use an external email provider. If you choose to use an external provider then you will need to enter your current email provider's details so you may continue to receive email.


TGG starter templates (powered by Adobe Business Catalyst) are perfect for the simple brochure type websites for clients who want a professional online presence without the high cost of customized designs. In a simple 4 step process, customers will choose the design, customize the layout and choose the color scheme, upload content and in 72 hours their sites are ready to go live.

View Starter Templates

TGG eCommerce templates (powered by Adobe Business Catalyst) are packed with features to build an online business and community that customers can customize and launch quickly. It also provides a simple to use and efficient Content Management System (CMS), which makes it really easy to maintain and update site content.

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