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Tech Growth Global takes its years of experience and expertise in web and systems development further with our iOS development service offering.

Whether you’re a first time app creator or a fully-fledge publisher who’s submitted hundreds on apps on the App Store, contact Tech Growth Global to get your iOS app ideas developed!

What is a Native app, Web app and Hybrid app?

A Native app is a downloaded application that can be accessed using home screen icons. Native apps are specifically created for only 1 platform and can fully utilize the phone’s vast array of features like built-in camera, accelerometer, GPS and etc.

A Web app on the other hand, is not technically an app. It’s a mobile version of a website that can be accessed using a mobile browser. They may look like a typical web app but are not implemented as such. Web apps are built using HTML5 and responsive framework like Bootsrap or using custom coding to get the same effect as a native app.

Unlike Native apps that are created specifically for a platform like iOS, Web apps can be accessed by any platform using any mobile web browser. Web apps can de designed to look and be used like a native app. Users can swipe horizontally or scroll up or down to view content depending on your preference.

A hybrid app blends the two features seamlessly. The app can be downloaded into a mobile phone much like a native app but can link and open to external websites using a browser like Chrome or Safari. Nowadays, more and more mobile apps are using a mix of the two types – blending them together to create an enhanced mobile experience.

Which type should I use for my app?

It all depends on what features you want your app to have. If your app requires you to use the phone’s built-in camera, accelerometer or gestures; Native apps or hybrid apps may be more up your alley. Web connectivity also matters. Would you want your users to be connected to the internet in order to access certain information?

If speed is what you’re after, then a native app is much better than a hybrid or even a web app that’s reliant on internet speed. The disadvantage to a native app is that updates can be tricky. Any changes made to the app will mean that the app will have to be re-submitted to the App Store and go through the process of approval.

Still not sure what type of app to develop? Contact us and let us know your requirements. We’re here to help!