Need Bookkeeping, Admin, and Marketing Services?


To keep up with the times and to be able to help companies in need of services other than Web development and technical support, Technology Growth Solutions (Cebu) Inc. will soon come up with a Business Solutions unit. Under this new department, TGS will offer administrative, marketing, business management, and business writing services.

TGS Chairman and Financial Director Michael Burdette says that with this new unit, the company can provide the complete business solution, which is not really an entirely new concept. "What is new, however, is we do it completely digitally, and our process is not only more effective but costs a fraction of the traditional business services," he explains.

Under the upcoming administrative services, TG Business Solutions specifically offers bookkeeping services, secretarial, purchasing, research projects, and debt collection.

The marketing services will include Web support, call center, lead generation, digital marketing, market research projects, and online digital marketing mentoring.

The TG business management services will comprise comprehensive business planning and strategy, business analysis (3 levels), online business training (3 levels), turnaround services, and online business mentoring.

In addition, TGS has a team of experienced writers and editors who will handle the company’s business writing services. The team offers copywriting for Web sites; writing articles like e-zine articles and magazines and those for SEO purposes; complete book production services; editing services; and ghost writing (this service is now available).

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