TGS Cebu Turns One and Awards Top Employees


It has been a year since Technology Growth Solutions set foot on Cebu.

To celebrate its one-year presence in the city, the company awarded five outstanding employees. Another set of five had also been selected as part of the newly founded “Chairman’s Club.” The awardees were given various prizes, incentives, and opportunities.

Of course, the awarding was just part of an entire night of dining, singing and camaraderie.

Ruby Lamadora was voted Employee of the Year for rendering exemplary service and showing remarkable diligence and dedication to the company. Ruby will be entitled to a free trip to Australia, which she will be taking late February or early March next year. She will be hosted by the TGS directors’ esteemed friends and clients, Dena Dillon and Ryan Fitzpatrick from Buffalo Interactive, in Queensland.

The other awardees were Andison Barranco, who was named the company’s “Most Consistent Performer,” and Menard Morales, who came out as the “Most Improved Employee.” They both got a free three-day stay in a brand-new resort in northern Cebu.

Glenn Alivio was given the “Overall Excellence Award,” and Shinji Escorido was named the “Most Creative Thinker.” Both got a brand-new iPod.

TGS Employee of the Year Ruby Lamadora receives her certificate from TGS Officers.

According to TGS President Gail Clifford, the awards will be given each year to encourage employees to give out their best and to contribute to the company’s growth. She also said that the awards are their way of showing employees that no hard work will go unnoticed and unrewarded.

TGS Chairman and Finance Director Michael Burdette also came up with the “Chairman's Club” project, wherein he handpicked five people whom he thinks have management potential. The employees named into the Chairman’s Club this year are Bob Gabule, Vincent Montesclaros, Kristine Oplado, Cedric Cañete,  and Glenn Alivio. They will be entitled to take part in a management training program under Mr. Burdette, who has been a management consultant for more than 13 years and has assisted thousands of businesses in over 15 countries.

A new set of five will join the Chairman’s Club every year, and they will also be given the same management training and mentorship over and above the general training that TGS provides. The previous members will then have the opportunity to put the management skills they have learned into practice with each successive group.

After a very challenging (yet rewarding) first year, TGS is looking forward to spending another fruitful year in Cebu.