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Here at Tech Growth Global we make websites that make a lot of sense to business owners. Your Website, Done Right.

With Tech Growth Global, you get everything you need to create your website in no time. If you have a brilliant web idea and concept, we'd love to hear it. We will make your brilliant ideas come to life and make it work for your business. We are at your service!

Tech Growth Global is a certified Adobe Business Catalyst partner working with website owners to develop sites on Adobe Business Catalyst and other Content Management platforms. TGG and Adobe Business Catalyst have teamed up such that TGG's web design and development team can assist in the creation and enhancement of any Business Catalyst-based websites. Our Business Catalyst designers can provide intelligently designed creative concepts and layouts that are easily converted into Business Catalyst-ready, XHTML sites. They can also create graphics that are easily integrated in your business e-mail templates. TGG's Business Catalyst developers can help Adobe Business Catalyst users in plugging pages into the system or in content migration. There isn't any task that our innovative and enthusiastic Web development team is not willing to take on.

Do-It-Yourself Website Templates
It's as easy as 1-2-3.

Forget about technical skills — you won't need them when you design your new website with our Do It Yourself (DIY) website builder. Pre-built , pre-implemented BC website templates that are ready to roll-out as quick as in 3 days for a fraction of customized development costs

Faster to deploy and cost effective – it fits perfectly well for your projects that have limited time frame and budget.

From design templates, to the layout and colors — it lets you set the personality of your website. You get the tools you need to quickly and easily build and define your online space as you see fit. A simple setup wizard will walk you through the creation process step-by-step. Choose from our library of professionally designed Adobe Business Catalyst templates specifically tailored for personal or small business websites


These templates were specifically built for BC and with compliance to BC catalyst standards in mind.

Like What You See?View our BC template library
Custom Built Professional Sites
Let's Get Down to Business

Need a custom website built for you? Our experienced Adobe Business Catalyst Design/Development team can create a tailored website just for you using the latest in Web design innovation.

With TGG, you will benefit from a simple, yet sophisticated online solution that:

  • Provides your business with a customised, professional website
  • Offers a cost effective, easy to use complete online solution
  • Is supported by a robust content management system equipped with functionality that will save you money on web site costs, increase sales and allow you to better interact with your clients.

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