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Multi-step Forms with Adobe Business Catalyst

admin account - Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Increase your conversion rates with effective forms in your Adobe Business Catalyst sites. Conversion is the primary goal of websites. Whether you want your site visitors to sign-up, register, shop, request a quote, or whatever else that requires your visitors to fill-out a form. Most visitors dread filling out forms. The problem is compounded with multi-step forms. We need to help them out by making the process as painless as possible. So what do we do?

First we need to establish a context. The site visitor needs to know the purpose why you are collecting data and what you are going to do with that data. Even though it may be obvious, we need to reassure our site visitors the information the provide will be safe.

Second, we need to label forms simply. We don't want visitors to doze-off, short and concise but covering the essentials.

Next, we need to make the forms as intuitive to fill up. So use tools that site visitors would most likely be able to recognize. Tooltips, sliders, error messages, and use images when necessary. Specific to multi-step forms are progress bars and pagination. Progress bars informs the site visitor where they are and assure them that the steps are finite. Pagination help break down what data into logical groups and allow easy digestion.

Lastly, test your forms so you can detect early any problem areas. Give a user an objective and allow them to go through your form. Their inputs allow you to improve your user experience and boil down to higher conversion rates.

So go ahead design your multi-step forms for your Adobe Business Catalyst sites and improve your conversion rates. Just leave all the coding to us. Check out our demo.